Food & Drink


Streamline supply chain processes to stay competitive and compliant. Effectively manage quality control, food safety levels, batch tracking, and product traceability all in one centralized solution.

Use Green Apple’s innovation to drive levels of efficiency, increase visibility, and reduce risk.

Automate essential tasks and align warehouses, production lines, and distribution bays to stay compliant and streamline cash to order processes. Leverage business processes to improve levels of data collection and standards of quality control. Drive levels of growth with increased business efficiency and provide clear and accurate visibility in SAP Business One – a single, cohesive solution.

Green Apple’s innovation and experience will help your organization increase market share, remove fragmented solutions, and improve advanced data handling – essential when adhering to industry regulations. Finally, stay on top of your stock by accurately forecasting customer demand and professionally plan product life expectancies to fulfill orders.

Key Capabilities

  • Order automation
  • Batch and lot tracking
  • Flexible pricing and costings

Business Benefits

  • Reduce the order-to-cash cycle
  • Full traceability of items
  • Set special offers to drive sales and move stock