Create a single, end-to-end solution that helps your business manage and meet customer demand in the apparel sector.

A Green Apple SAP Business One solution has been designed specifically for organizations that specialize in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of apparel items.

Eliminate data redundancy and errors, reduce lead times, and increase employee activity through automated processes and system controls and transparency. Our innovation helps your business understand and predict your customers by empowering consumers with an omni-channel shopping experience.

Create a highly focused solution for your apparel firm that enables strong customer relationships, avoids stock-outs, and streamlines company-wide processes without relying upon third-party software. Never miss another opportunity with access to real-time stock and performance levels.

Key Capabilities

  • Sales and distribution tools
  • Advanced warehouse management
  • Integrated CRM functionality

Business Benefits

  • Integrate processes to reduce lead times
  • Inventory grouping and sorting
  • Enable strong customer relationships