Household Goods


Meet customer demand and outmanoeuvre competitors with Green Apple.

Use our experience and build a solution that forecasts and plans to meet the expectations of your customers. You’ll never miss out on another sale.

Align fragmented solutions that hinder growth opportunities and deploy the latest technology that delivers analytics into key metrics and essential inventory and supply chain management tools. Use SAP Business One and Green Apple’s innovation to develop and deploy a solution that unifies different departments and drives levels of customer satisfaction and retention.

Integrated tools and a central source of data provides clear insight into operations and stock levels. Improved processes boost supplier collaboration, streamline the order to cash process and create a supply chain that lowers costs and risks but raises profits.

Key Capabilities

  • Strategic sourcing and supplier management
  • Automated sales, inventory and operations planning
  • Warehouse management

Business Benefits

  • Reduce risk and costs through increased savings
  • Balance demand with stock for optimal product availability
  • Improve asset utilisation for on-time, accurate order fulfilment