Run your growing business with Green Apple’s innovative solutions.

Use our expertise and experience to improve traceability and simplify and streamline supply chain management with SAP Business One.

Integrate solutions to optimise performance and remove disparate solutions to adhere to industry guidelines with full batch and serial traceability. Equip your enterprise with tools to manage warehouses and make smarter business decisions with insight into real-time data and performance.

Green Apple experts will deploy powerful reporting tools that improve greater visibility and control of stock and finance. Use SAP Business One as a single, source of information to store data that adheres to industry guidelines, avoids data duplication, and reduces the amount of time previously used to compile key information. Drive levels of customer service with faster response times and drive forecasting and planning capabilities with embedded tools.

Key Capabilities

  • Supply chain management
  • Clinical delivery
  • Healthcare analytics and research

Business Benefits

  • Free capital to maximise savings
  • Support timely, transparent and successful response and despatch rates
  • Unified analytics for administration and clinical data